About CEES Systems


t CEES Systems, our focus and commitment revolves around providing our clients with first-‎rate web development solutions. Our dedication, skills and passion sets us apart from the ‎competition. We provide our clients with topnotch web and online solutions. We are constantly ‎at the top of our game in all aspects linked to web development. We are the paramount of web ‎development industry.‎

Our team of professional Qatar-based Web Development Company is always on the lookout for ‎the latest trends and developments in online marketing with a vision of moving our clients ‎forward in the online marketing world. We utilize the acquired statistics to forecast the next ‎course in internet marketing en route for enabling our clients to attain their desired returns on ‎investment.‎

We help our clients realize their business goals faster: Investing time on extensive analysis of all ‎accessible internet marketing tools to offer our clients with the finest of the available ‎marketing alternatives. Surpassing client’s expectation is a norm and this had earned us ‎accolades globally. CEES Systems covers all internet marketing needs of small and medium ‎scale enterprises, ensuring high quality service provision towards moving these enterprises to ‎their desired internet marketing goals.‎

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Explore our services and discover why we are one of Qatar’s leading Marketing and Online Advertising solution company.


Who We Are

CEES Systems is a division of Canada Education & Environmental Services. Our services cover ‎the Middle East in general and Qatar in particular. Our areas of specialty include:‎

  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Corporate Branding
  • Professional Photography
  • Web Content Copywriting
  • Video Presentations

We are fixated on cultivating customer loyalty by creating a prominent value that meets with ‎the customers’ precise needs.‎

Mission Statement

We have a mission to become the most outstanding trailblazer in marketing service provision. ‎We desire to top the list in business promotion, media and advertising services. We aim to ‎stand out as the best, not only in the Middle East, but far beyond.‎

Our core values include:
  • High quality service delivery in business promotion and marketing.‎
  • Maintenance and development of a customer base to fulfill their steady demand for new ‎methods of promotion and marketing models.‎
  • Creation of values for customers, businesses, stakeholders and investors towards meeting ‎our business responsibilities to them.‎
Our core purposes include:
  • Distribution and development of full-time internet marketing services.‎
  • Creation of various services relevant to our customers’ needs.‎
  • Development of an understanding of customer’s needs and business models towards ‎creating customers loyalty.‎
  • Edify customers on how our various services can assist them in accomplishing their business ‎mission and objectives.‎