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More Conversion via Email & Newsletter Marketing


nnumerable methods of business advertisement abound out there today and many more are coming to the fore as the day goes by. One of such methods of business advertisement includes email & newsletter marketing. It involves sending emails to your clients including newsletters giving them information about your business and reminding them to visit your website for new posts, and updates. The benefits are numerous.

Despite the innumerable benefits that abound in email & newsletter marketing, many online business still do not know how to tap into this source of continuous traffic. This is exactly one of the reasons why CEES Systems has been set up: to help you understand how to benefit from email & newsletter marketing and to equally help you reap the benefits.

This is one of the fastest ways to get traffic for your website, but mismanagement of the whole process can cost you a great deal. We at CEES Systems will help you manage the process and ensure you get the desired benefits for your business.

We ensure the process is carried out without costing you a lot. We will perfectly plan the process to ensure your target audience are reached and your business will be introduced to them in the most appropriate manner. We can equally send the emails to specific clients that meet certain criteria earlier outlined by your organisation; this ensures clients with high conversion probability get the emails.

We will equally prepare and design the email and newsletter in the most compelling manner and also create “Call to Action” on the said newsletter that will prompt the target audience to take the desired action.

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